Libra born january 24 horoscopes


Other transformational days for you on the home front are January 11, when the sun meets with power planet Pluto; January 13, when Mercury meets with Saturn; and January 18, when Mercury and Saturn meet. Documents are signed, lines are drawn… but a new beginning is here.

Your ruling planet Venus enters Sagittarius on January 7, bringing messages of love and money!

As an air sign, you are very intellectual, but as Venus spends some time in Sagittarius, you will find yourself realizing just how valuable communication is to you in your relationships. Venus in Sagittarius will find you connecting with many people—enjoy!

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At least, until communication planet Mercury squares off with combative Mars on January 8—watch out for tension in your relationships and for arguments in general, since people are in an impulsive mood and not necessarily thinking before they speak! Jupiter clashes with Neptune on January 13 for the first of three times this year.

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As a relationship-oriented person, you love to help people and have a hard time saying no when you know someone needs a hand! You also know that saying yes to as many opportunities as possible can help you connect with many people and send you on brilliant adventures. Confusion follows Neptune most places, but your intuition will guide you through the fog as Mercury connects with Neptune on January Venus connects with Mars on January 18, and a super social energy is flowing!

Venus enters Scorpio

Uranus can be overwhelming! There is so much change taking place, and most of it is catching you off guard. They need to feel close to their friends but have a tendency to strike a competitive pose. This is generally from insecurity.

Born 24 january libra horoscope

They often choose the wrong mate because they are fooled by glamour, glibness, and superficial trappings. They are happiest when they find a soul mate. January 24 individuals are often the rebel but may feel guilty for not conforming to the expectations of their parents. They are sometimes insecure about their abilities as parents.

Welcome to Capricorn season, Libra!

They want to avoid mistakes their parents made but still set standards to help their youngsters become worthwhile adults. The rebellious nature of January 24 men and women is often reflected in the on-again, off-again way they adhere to a health program.

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  • And this is, by the way, a time when even the best-laid plans might come unstuck! The Moon, emotional as ever, is about to increase its role in your financial affairs. This is astrological jargon for saying that domestic costs are likely to rise, but that money invested in the fabric of your home should be well spent. Good news from far away should cheer you up.

    The odds now seem to be definitely on your side, though the outcome is not assured.

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    If money is involved then take every possible precaution to make sure that you are totally insured. It would be the easiest thing in the world to refuse to have anything to do with people who are in trouble or otherwise in need of assistance.

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    Yet can you really stand and look the other way? The relationship between Venus and Neptune is a lively one, and full of promise for pleasant social and romantic encounters.